Understanding Paralysis and the underlying Causes

Paralysis is a condition of paralysis due to a nervous breakdown that plays a role in regulating the movement of body muscles. Paralysis makes the limbs immobile. This condition is most commonly experienced by stroke sufferers or people who suffer spinal cord injuries. Paralysis has a big impact on life because it affects bodily functions. Therefore, consult a doctor immediately if you experience it. Especially if paralysis appears suddenly or appears after an injury or accident. Symptoms of Paralysis A common symptom of paralysis is a loss of ability to move limbs. This condition can appear gradually or suddenly. Paralysis can occur in one or several areas of the body, depending on the cause. Parts of the body that are commonly affected by paralysis include: Hands Face One side of the body (hemiplegia) One hand or one leg Both hands and legs (tetraplegia or quadriplegia) Both limbs (paraplegia) Besides being difficult to move, other symptoms of paralysis are stiffness ac
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